Community Programs


As part of our new School Resource Officer Program, we will offer fingerprinting and photographs of each elementary student. This information will be provided to the parents to keep updated and in a safe place. We encourage all parents to allow their children to be included in this program.

Directed Patrol/Vacation Watch

The Bowling Green Police Department's Directed Patrol Program is designed to provide safety to the residents in various neighborhoods. If you are having problems in your neighborhood such as suspicious person(s) or vehicles, peace disturbance, or personal protective issues, contact the police department to report the activity and you will be placed on the list of Directed Patrols. To give peace of mind to our residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time, whether for vacation, illness, work-related travel, or other circumstances, we offer a Vacation Watch. If you would like your property added to our Directed Patrol/Vacation Watch list, contact us at (573) 324-3200.

Bike Patrol

In 2010, The Bowling Green Police Department and Parks & Recreation Department joined together to provide a Bike Patrol in the City Park. This allows families to be in a safe environment while enjoying themselves outdoors and also during Khoury League.

Ride Along Program

The ride along program is designed to provide the opportunity for the community to see firsthand the day-to-day operations of law enforcement in Bowling Green. It is also designed to provide citizens interested in a career in law enforcement an opportunity to examine the job. If you are in interested in participating in the ride along program, please contact us at (573) 324-3200.

Juvenile Community Service Program

In conjuction with the Pike County Juvenile Division, the Bowling Green Police Department supervises directed community service activities of offender juveniles assigned to the program.

Animal Control

The City of Bowling Green contracts with S&R Animal Control to provide a shelter to animals who are strays, abandoned or running at large. If you observe an animal in your neighborhood that does not belong to you, feel free to report this to the Bowling Green Police Department at (573) 324-3200. If you have an animal missing, you may also contact the police department and S&R Animal Control will be contacted for you.