Building Department

Building Inspector

Tony Windmiller

16 W. Church St.
Bowling Green, MO  63334

Phone: (573) 470-6990
Fax: (573) 324-2644
Email: [email protected]

Building Inspection

The Bowling Green building department conducts inspections of all new construction to ensure compliance with the City's building codes. Building permits are required for all new residential and commercial construction and for may other types of construction. A Building Permit Application can be downloaded from this site. A completed application must be returned to the building department. For more information on building permits or to schedule an appointment for an inspection contact the building department.

Code Enforcement

The building department also conducts compliance reviews to make certain maintenance and improvements to existing structures are done in accordance with city codes. Improvements to existing structures may require a building permit, therefore property owners are encouraged to contact the building department before starting any work on their property. Any code violations should be corrected swiftly and in accordance with applicable codes. For more information on code enforcement or to report a code violation contact the building department.